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Who We Are

We are a Vancouver | Burnaby Massage Therapy Clinic (RMT) whose approach is designed on treating and preventing unwanted pains. 



How we're different

At PRE-Therapy, we have three main missions which make us different:

Preparation – We believe in preventing injuries before they can even form.   With our assessment, we will be able to determine the inefficiencies of your movement, and correct them with movement and massage therapy in Burnaby.

Education – We are also in the business of teaching and equipping you. After each massage therapy treatment, we will prescribe a Post-Therapy Plan, which will consist of specific home care exercises and education.  This ensures that you will have longer and sustained results between your visits.  

Accountability  As a team, we believe in holding ourselves to a higher standard of learning the human body. As therapists,  trust is placed on us to advise you with the best possible knowledge. In order to provide updated and good advice, we hold ourselves and each other accountable. All of our massage therapists in Burnaby have completed their training according to the standards according to the College of Massage Therapy of British Columbia.

As a manual therapy-based clinic, we promise a massage therapy treatment plan that will help you transition back into your lifestyle, pain free.



At PRE-Therapy, our assessment first starts in understanding your pain that may be caused through everyday habits. Our assessment can range from a palpation, orthopedic testing, range of motion testing, and/or movement screening. Once we figure out the root cause of your pain, we will start your massage therapy treatment and help break the patterns that lead up to the pain for sustained results.  


Manual Therapy

To us, Manual Therapy is using a range of specific hands-on techniques to help release and mediate pain by working on the body’s soft tissues. Our training in Manual Therapy has given the knowledge to assess and correct the everyday movements of your body that could be predisposing you to injuries.




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