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Who We Are

We are a Vancouver (Kitsilano) | Burnaby Massage Therapy Clinic (RMT) whose approach is designed on treating and preventing unwanted pains. 



How we're different

At PRE-Therapy, our treatment plans revolve around three main pillars:



(Phase 1)

Pain Management

When an injury occurs, it is when the load exceeds the capacity of what your body can handle. Typically you will experience some acute pains in the beginning stages.

Our therapists will identify these areas and address the pain with massage therapy to alleviate the tension.

This will down-regulate your nervous system, reduce pain and allow for your body to relax.


(Phase 2)


Once the pain has subsided, we then introduce corrective work along with manual therapy to address any of the compensation patterns which may have developed before and/or during your injury.

The corrective work will introduce new and efficient movement patterns that will help further decrease your chances of injury.


(Phase 3)


The final phase in your treatment plan will include specifically assigned exercises to create more resilience in your movements.

These exercises will include various slings in the body so you can create strength through integration, and not just isolation.

This ensures that you will have longer and sustained results between your maintenance visits.

Our treatment plans will equip you with home-care and exercises that will help you achieve your goals, whether you’re a weekend warrior to an elite athlete.

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At PRE-Therapy, our assessment first starts in understanding your pain that may be caused through everyday habits. Our assessment can range from a palpation, orthopedic testing, range of motion testing, and/or movement screening. Once we figure out the root cause of your pain, we will start your massage therapy treatment and help break the patterns that lead up to the pain for sustained results.  



As a team, we believe in holding ourselves to a higher standard of learning the human body.

In order to provide updated and good advice, we hold ourselves and each other accountable by hosting monthly workshops discussing new treatment approaches to ensure we bring the most value to our patients.

As a manual therapy-based clinic, we promise a massage therapy treatment plan that will help you transition back into your lifestyle, pain free.




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