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Meet our Vancouver and Burnaby team

We’re a team of Registered Massage Therapists in Vancouver (Kitsilano) and Burnaby (RMT) that are collective learners who strive to help you build a sustainable and healthy body. Help us, help you enable your body to reach its full potential.



Scott Spulnick, RMT

Originally from small town Manitoba, Scott spent his 20’s traveling around the world. After a successful career in hospitality management led to traveling throughout Canada, Scott began a career in health and fitness as a personal trainer in Toronto in 2012. This shift ignited a drive to continue to grow which led to graduating from the 2750 hour RMT program at Vancouver Career College in 2018 with honours as Valadictorian, and will culminate in pursuing an Osteopathic Practitioner designation beginning September ’19.

Very active throughout life in all types of sports, from curling and ultimate frisbee to wakeboarding, basketball and everything between. Scott has an interest in treating sports related conditions as well as overuse and traumatic injuries. With a strong focus on patient education and rehabilitative exercises, “Returning people to their full function and striving to exceed their expectations for themselves is what drives me to learn and grow”

Location: Kitsilano

Instagram: @scott.rmt


Ryan Dong, RMT

Ryan is an avid snowboarder and has also played ice hockey, volleyball and other sports all his life. Growing up playing these physically demanding sports, Ryan has experienced multiple sports-related injuries which were overcome with the the help of a massage therapist. This led him to study massage therapy at VCMT where Ryan learned to help others with their injuries and improve their everyday life. While studying at VCMT, Ryan had the chance to perform sports massage on high performance athletes as well as prenatal massage on pregnant women through outreach programs which has given him a diverse experience in massage.

Ryan believes that no treatment should be identical to the next as everyone’s body is different. But typically, Ryan’s treatments consist of trigger point release, myofascial techniques, PNF stretching, joint mobilization and Swedish massage. After treatment, Ryan educates his patients with specific homecare exercises and stretches to further continue the treatment process in their everyday routine.

Whether you are looking for rehabilitation, injury prevention, or general maintenance, Ryan is eager to help you achieve your goals!

Location: Burnaby

Instagram: @ryandong_rmt

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JC Venezuela

(Student Therapist)

With over 8 years of experience in highly physical jobs, JC as sustained back and shoulder injuries, he has also witnessed colleagues go through injuries. This drove him to pursue massage therapy and help others prevent injuries and promote a pain free lifestyle.

JC applies various techniques in his practice such as Swedish massage, Fascial Release Techniques, Trigger point therapy, joint mobilizations and active mobilization techniques and excercises to help his patients achieve their treatment goals.

Outside of massage therapy, you can either catch JC exploring Vancouver in his bike or trekking BC forests. Reading books, doing backflips (parkour fan!), yoga and also weightlifting.

To book with him click on the link below. (No ICBC / WCB Patients)

Location: Burnaby

Instagram: @jc.therapy

Ridam Ahuja - Student Therapist

Ridam Ahuja

(Student Therapist)

Meet Ridam! She was originally born in India and had a passion for massage therapy since she was a child. Growing up, she was always the one who offered family members massages for pain relief. She loved being able to provide relief and help facilitate healing through manual therapy. In 2016 she moved to Canada to pursue her dream to become a Registered Massage Therapist. Her treatment style consists of swedish massage, trigger point therapy, as well as fascial work.

To book with her click on the link below. (No ICBC / WCB Patients)

Location: Burnaby

Instagram: @ridam.therapy


Chris Colonica RMT

Chris graduated with a diploma in kinesiology before completing his Registered Massage Therapy diploma at Langara College.

With Chris' years of experience working in the tire industry, he sustained low back and shoulder issues. He learned the importance of self-care and proper biomechanics to reduce the consequences of repetitive motions and postural dysfunction. Through massage therapy, he was able to address his issues, and is now in a profession to help others transition back into their lifestyle, pain-free.

Sports have been a continued part of Chris’ life. He has had experience addressing the needs of race-stage athletes as part of the wellness team for BC Bike Race, and with the on-ice officials during the 2019 World Junior Championships.

Chris incorporates various techniques tailored to each patient throughout his treatments including swedish massage, trigger point release, joint mobilization, fascial work and active movements and exercises to help them achieve their treatment goals.

In his free time, you can find Chris playing hockey, snowboarding, weight lifting, and travelling.

Location: Burnaby


Danny Vu, RMT

Danny grew up in Burnaby and is an active athlete that enjoys diving into a wide variety of sports including snowboarding, tennis, basketball and soccer.  Because he has such a vast experience in these range of sports, he has sustained most of the common injuries that come along with the sports.  Going through the rehabilitation process sparked his passion for manual therapy and decided to pursue a career to become an RMT to help bring awareness and treat these common injuries.  

His treatment style incorporates specific, targeted techniques that help to facilitate the healing process in the body, while still maintaining a therapeutic and relaxing experience.

Location: Burnaby


Lorenzo Zakinja, RMT

Growing up in an athletic background, Lorenzo has always strived for, and sought out ways to achieve optimal performance. One of the methods that he most strongly believes in to achieve this is massage therapy, using treatment plans custom made for each individual person. With a variety of modalities, Lorenzo aims to help you achieve your goals, whether it is maintenance work, or returning to optimal function. On top of this, he provides home care exercises to both maximize the effectiveness of his massage therapy treatments, and encourage you to take an active role in your therapy.

Location: Burnaby



Kyle Chow, RMT

Kyle is born and raised in Burnaby and an avid gym trainer that participates in a vast variety of sports including soccer, mountain biking and skiing. This has given him the passion to continuing his learning of the human body at West Coast College of Massage Therapy, where he has gained experience in treating different injuries relating to soft tissue, neurological conditions, and common postural dysfunctions. 

Kyle's treatments consists of trigger point release, fascial work, Swedish massage, and movement rehabilitative exercises.  After each treatment, Kyle prescribes specific home care, which will include a stretch, release, or strengthening exercises to maximize each treatment.  Whether you are looking for injury rehabilitation, or simply maintenance work, Kyle will be able to help you transition back into your lifestyle, pain-free.

Location: Burnaby


Ryan Banek, RMT, B.Kin

Ryan has a passion for athletics, rehabilitation, and preventative therapy. He has more than 6 years of theoretical and practical education through UBC Kinesiology and WCCMT. Ryan has experience working with high level professional and amateur athletes in many sports including lacrosse, hockey, volleyball. Through personal experience and formal education, Ryan understands what is required of an athletic body to perform at a high level.

This knowledge is also applicable and relevant for any population and type of pain. Ryan believes in retraining the body with movement and soft tissue release in order to get you to a point where you can rely less on massage therapy and other interventions so that you can live life comfortably. Every treatment will include a physical assessment that helps to narrow down the causes rather than the symptoms of your complaint.

Location: Burnaby and Kitsilano


Jared Wong, RMT

Jared Liam Wong is an active yogi who offers treatments that integrates both massage therapy and body awareness.  He obtained his Massage Therapy Diploma from West Coast College of Massage Therapy where he completed 3000 hours of diversified hands-on training with patients from different backgrounds and injuries. He has had the opportunity of treating competitive athletes, and also patients in rehabilitation hospitals and palliative care. 


Jared has a passion for helping people heal and believes in a realistic methodical holistic approach. He is thorough in assessing his patients, spends the time in identifying and treating problem areas.  In his treatments, you will find him working along with your breathing, which can provide an even more effective release, while simultaneously bringing more awareness to the body.  For long term care, Jared will also provide you with patient education and exercises to make sure you stay pain-free longer.

Location: Burnaby and Kitsilano 



Seadon Roza-Pereira, RMT

Seadon was a competitive basketball and volleyball player growing up and he became fascinated in the human body and performance after sustaining various sporting injuries. This led him to pursue a career in Massage Therapy where he can empower, treat, and educate people to improve their health and well-being.

Seadon graduated with a diploma in Kinesiologyin Capilano Burnaby, before completing the 3000 hour program at West Coast College of Massage Therapy. With his background in athletics, Seadon strives to help his patients by providing individualized treatments and therapeutic exercise to help restore function and pain-free movements. He enjoys working with people from all walks of life and treats a variety of musculoskeletal and neurological injuries.

Outside of work, you can find Seadon at the gym or cycling around the city. He also enjoys hiking, snowboarding, and playing basketball and volleyball!


 Location: Burnaby and Kitsilano

Justin Yang, RMT

When it comes to the importance of well being, Justin is a strong believer in longevity. With his knowledge acquired from WCCMT, pairs manual techniques along with proper home care to help prevent injury, while maximizing efficiency for his patients. Whether you are looking for corrective therapeutic work or simply looking for maintenance, Justin has the knowledge and strength to help achieve your treatment goals.

Outside of work, Justin is a passionate and active individual. He has a keen interest in fitness and weight lifting. In addition to graduating from WCCMT, Justin also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology. His career path took an unexpected turn during his undergraduate studies, when he was involved in a motor vehicle accident. After was experiencing back and neck pains as a result of the accident, he sought massage therapy, where he was able to truly feel the difference and its benefits. Invigorated, it felt only natural for him to transition to this career path, given his interest in fitness, paired with his passion to help others.

Location: Burnaby and Kitsilano


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