5 Tips to Avoid Shoulder and Neck Tension


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As human beings, we are creatures of habit, and our lives are based on a lot of routine activity.  However, some routines we have developed may be predisposing us to unnecessary tension along poor posture due to habit. Here is a list of 5 common things you can be aware of to reduce
tension in your neck and shoulders!

1. Carrying bag/backpack with both shoulders

We all know the cool kids wear their bags on one shoulder, but
biomechanically it isn’t the best for your posture. Wearing it on one
shoulder can create an imbalance, which can in turn create unnecessary
compensation patterns.

2. Avoid looking down on your phone

Nowadays, everyone is glued to their smartphone and spends hours on it
everyday! If you aren’t aware of your posture, you can be reinforcing bad
habits that can create more problems down the road. When you place
your head in a forward head flexion position, it forces your neck muscles
in the back to constantly hold your head up, which can lead to tension
headaches. What you can do is hold your phone up to your eyes, and
look down with your eyes as opposed to your neck.

3. Driving with both hands

Many people are guilty with driving with just one hand on the wheel
(myself included!) but this can create a lot of unnecessary tension in both
the neck and the shoulder rotator cuff region. By simply using both
hands, this can take the load off of the one shoulder, which leads to better
shoulder health.

4. Adjusting the height of your desk at work

This is one of the most overlooked areas that I’ve found with my patients.
If you are working 40+ hours a week in this work setting, it is crucial to
set yourself up for the most optimal position for your body.

 Key points are:

  • Making sure your shoulder is in a neutral position, not too elevated.
  • Making sure your wrists are in a neutral position while you type on the keyboard.
  • Lastly make sure the monitor is directly in front of your eyes.

By simply following these 3 keys, you’ll reduce tension built up in your neck shoulders and wrist.

5. Wear a Bluetooth/headset while talking on the phone


Communication is key in today’s society and more often than not, phone conversations can last longer than a few minutes. By simply using a headset with bluetooth, you can continue to communicate with the people you want without compromising your body’s biomechanics.


Well, here are 5 tips you can incorporate into your daily routines to help avoid neck and shoulder tension. But if in the case you are experiencing tension, you can always stop by PRE-therapy and we can take care of that for you as well!


Let us know in the comments below if we've missed any!



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